Amalia Assa

Art-Nouveau Paintings

My name is Amalia Assa.
I was married to my late husband, Dr. Jacob Assa, I am a mother of three children and a proud grandmother of seven grandchildren.

I was born in Poland and, as a child survivor, I immigrated to Israel in 1950.
I grew up and was educated in Haifa.
Since 1980, I have lived and created my works of art in Netanya.

Ever since I remember myself, I have always been a creative person. As a child I was surrounded by art and have created with varied materials. As a child-immigrant, my dear school teacher, the late Aharon Moreh, who was a great artist, gave me access to all the tools and materials he had and thus became my teacher and mentor for arts, thinking and action.

Being curious and loving knowledge, I have collected various artistic tools that   served me for the purpose of picking the right colors, textures, ornamental decoration, symbolism, folklorism and naive style. Hence, all my works are influenced by the art I have absorbed my entire life.

Like the artists of the Art Nouveau, I have experimented with various areas of applied art, such as ceramics, sculpturing in textiles, artistic embroidery, stained glass, and painting on furniture.

As a result of my great love of wood, I have created my own unique and  personal niche – the art of wood burning and painting on wood.

This fascinating technique enables the use of transparent-rich colors, which reveal the beauty of the texture of the wood. The choice of folkloristic, naive and decorative themes creates fantastic, colorful, aesthetic and humorous images, which give the viewer a special outstanding experience.

In every work, I have planted hidden elements and images to the enjoyment of the viewer as well as the artist.

My works exist in private collections and exhibitions in Israel and all over the world.